Fast, scalable, distributed game server framework for node.js

  • Scalable architecture for game
  • Easy to use api and framework
  • Focus on performance
  • A lot of libraries and tools
  • Open source game demo in HTML5


Pomelo uses multi-process architecture in nature, which is proved to be scalable. With pomelo, you can achieve this architecture in almost zero code.


Pomelo framework can help you to extend servers easily, and handle request/response, broadcast, rpc with minimal codes.


With a lot of stress tests for improving performance, we've breaked many bottlenecks. Pomelo has achieved industry level in many ways like online users.

Libraries and tools

Besides pomelo, a rich set of powerful libraries are provided, including AI, AOI, schedule, etc. Meanwhile a variety of tools such as stress testing and command line can make your work easier.

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